My name is Christine and I am delighted you have chosen to visit this site!

I have been visually impaired since birth. After earning two doctorates, I have learned a lot about how to be successful as a student, professional, and member of society.

If you:

  • Are beginning to lose your vision
  • Are newly visually impaired
  • Are newly completely without sight
  • Have been visually impaired for a long time
  • Have been totally blind for a long time
  • Have a loved one, friend, roommate, classmate, colleague, coworker, employee, or employer who is visually impaired or totally blind

and are looking for support, information, answers, resources, or consultation, you have come to the RIGHT place!

I have successfully found ways to and have helped teach others how to:

  • Cope with vision loss
  • Live independently
  • Travel nationally and internationally
  • Perform highly visual tasks (including, but not limited to: carrying out scientific research, publishing professional papers, presenting scientific findings at conferences, supervising coworkers, managing an active research lab)
  • Complete undergraduate, masters, and doctoral level degrees
  • Serve as a student teacher and graduate teaching assistant
  • Independently teach college level courses

Please feel free to browse this site.

  1. On the About page you will find information about my experience with blindness.
  2. On the Education page you will find information about my educational degrees.
  3. On the Research page you will find information about my research.
  4. On the Services page you will find details about what I have to offer and the Rates page will give you details about pricing.
  5. On the Contact Info page you will find details about how to reach me.

For those interested in seeing a copy of my CV, click here.

I look forward to hearing from and working with you soon!

If you know of someone who could benefit from this site, please feel free to pass on the info!

With warm regards,
Christine M. Szostak, PhD

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