My consultation services include, but are not limited to the following topic areas:

  • Coping with vision loss (e.g., emotional adjustment, physical adjustment, concerns, fears, how to discuss your vision with others, and so on)
  • Adjustment to currently changing vision
  • Daily life techniques (cooking, cleaning, safety…)
  • Travel techniques/strategies (including but not limited to traveling with a service animal)
  • Consideration of mobility devices
  • Educational obstacles (how to deal with note taking, test taking, homework…)
  • Teaching strategies
  • Working with students or classmates with vision loss
  • Having employees, colleagues, or employers with vision loss
  • Having family members or friends with vision loss
  • How to find resources
  • Strategies for making technology low vision- and blind-friendly and how to make the most of it with limited or no vision

A note to organizations interested in my services:

  • I am willing to discuss onsite trainings, workshops, or tutorials

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